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Health insurance summit’s team of dedicated professionals have a wide range of qualifications. Health insurance summit will source appropriate experts to give you the best outcome. Our Specialists have experience working with senior management teams from small and large business to develop OHS performance capabilities across all levels of the organisation. Contact us, we do not charge for an initial over the phone discussion, some examples of operational aspects of OHS we can assist you with are as follows:

Bloodbourne Disease Management -Worried how to manage Hepatitis or HIV we can provide you with informative seminars and a management plan to suit your workplace.

Depression-is an illness that often impacts the workplace; do you know how to manage it to achieve the best outcome for the employee and employer? We can provide you with informative seminars and a supportive management plan to suit your workplace.

Ergonomics-Health insurance summit consultants can conduct workstation checks in the office, the factory and laboratory as well. We can provide information and training for your employees on how to manage repetitive tasks and work with management to design a workplace that is aligned with good ergonomic principles.

Fatigue Management -Health insurance summit has specialists who have had extensive experience working with a number of shift structures. We can offer effective fatigue management programs including risk assessments, training and design of shift work structures that comply with the Work Safe Code of Practice Working Hours.

Hazardous Substance Management -Health insurance summit has the expertise to implement and improve your hazardous substance management program including specialised risk assessments; MSDS programs; Health Surveillance, personal protection equipment, isolation equipment and monitoring programs.

Industrial Hygiene Management-Development of Industrial Hygiene programs including sampling plans and equipment recommendations. Do you use respirators? We can assist you to ensure your respiratory protective equipment is managed in accordance with AS/NZS 1715 Selection, Use and Maintenance of Respiratory Protective Devices.

Laboratory Safety -How is the safety in your laboratory? Does everyone have the right gloves for the chemicals used? Is safety included in all your test methods and work procedures? Are you disposing of your chemical and biological waste correctly? Are any of your employees wearing contacts in the laboratory? If you need help with your laboratory safety we have the expertise to get the job done so that OHS is integrated into your daily work program.

Manual Handling -Health insurance summit Specialists can assist with the Implementation of programs that will improve your manual handling outcomes. We have implemented management systems using risk management strategies including incorporating controls that comply with the Hierarchy of Controls principle, effectively reducing harm from manual handling enabling your organisation to concentrate on efficient production.

Machine Guarding-The absence of effective machine guarding is still a problem for many workplaces, many machines do not comply with the AS/NZS 4024 Safety of Machinery series. Guarding may be inadequate allowing operators to bypass the guarding. Health insurance summit Specialists can complete a risk assessment against the Australian Standard for your organisation.

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