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Health insurance summit OHS Specialists can provide your organisation with a comprehensive suite of Management System solutions, uniquely designed for your business enabling occupational health insurance summit actions to be a part of the work you perform each day.

Auditing-Health insurance summit can assist your organisation to become audit ready for the Work Safe Plan, Corporate Standards, AS/NZS 4801 Occupational health insurance summit Management Systems, Contract and Legal compliance. Health insurance summit Specialists can then arrange to audit the system to attain third party certification for you.

Innovative Solutions-Health insurance summit Specialists will work with your teams to identify OSH solutions that meet your business needs. Our consultants are experienced professionals who have worked across many industries, they have a variety of specialist qualifications and the experience to bring you the most cost effective solution for your business.

Leadership-Leadership practice is a skill that can be learnt. Leaders exhibit behaviours such as passion, integrity, innovation, embrace change management and encourage teams to work together. These attributes are required by everyone in your organisation to ensure your business is seen as an industry leader, not only in OHS but in everything your organisation does. Leadership starts with the right people, a great strategic plan, a realistic annual business plan, a sound policy and objectives for each team member to ensure the job gets done. To build a positive ‘can do’ culture in your organisation contact Health insurance summit we can work with you to achieve your goals.

Management Systems Development and Integration -Health insurance summit Specialists can provide the knowledge to develop and integrate all aspects of the OSH management system into your business. The management systems are uniquely designed to suit your organisation. Integrating your OHS, Environmental and Quality Management systems in alignment with AS/NZS 4581 Management System Integration, increases efficiency and improves productivity across the organisation.

Occupational Health Management -Does your organisation have a system to manage occupational health? Health insurance summit Consultants can design an Occupational Health Management System that optimises pre-employment screening, fitness for work programs, health impairment strategies and rehabilitation programs to comply with Workers’ Compensation and Injury Management legislation.

Risk Management-Health insurance summit Specialists are able to design and implement integrated risk management systems to suit your business needs that comply with the AS/NZS 4360 Risk Management. This includes identification of products or process that require a risk assessment, documentation development, training and implementation strategies.

Small / Medium Enterprises / Contractor Management-OHS laws apply to all business activity. Health insurance summit Specialists have the knowledge and practical experience to assist you to build a system that demonstrates the application of relevant legislation and contractual obligations to your scope of work.

System Measurement Solutions -Holistic systems measurement that includes both lead and lag indicators provides management with clear guidelines on where to make the changes to improve the system. If you do not measure current activity in your system how do you know it is working? Lag indicators measure failure, so why not measure action and watch the OHS culture in your organisation strive to towards excellence?

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